eREVALUE use technology to analyse unstructured data and distil essential knowledge for decision making. They help corporates and equity analysts understand and monitor emerging risks through data analytics and visualizations.  The platform Datamaran™ uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and big data analytics to perform trend-spotting on corporate filings, regulations and social media sources. eRevalue is a London-based company, having a New York City office and 25 full-time employees.

eREVALUE is not “just another” software provider – they are recognised industry experts who are automating their expertise by using technology. They have established a unique approach that helps companies develop strategy using insights based on industry best practice, regulations and stakeholder/public opinion. There is no other provider that offers such granular narrative analysis and such an extensive database of information identifying emerging risk. They analyse unstructured data and use NLP. They capture qualitative data and translate this into actionable intelligence through using innovative data visualisations. eREVALUE has the first-mover advantage over their competitors and a number of patent applications covering their data analytics platform in key territories.




Our vision is a world in which companies create sustainable value by understanding emerging risks and managing these effectively.