The Web design industry faces several challenges to develop web and mobile applications.

·       The lack of interoperability between designers’ tools and developers’ frameworks results in developers manually translating designs into code.

·       Reducing production costs of web and mobile applications is a major challenge for the industry.

The market responds to this issue is to offer ”Do it Yourself” solutions allowing to skip development tasks. Unfortunately, it only targets basic websites and is irrelevant for more sophisticated products. That’s why Damien and Alfonso have created Yotako.

Yotako provides an innovative technology that helps Web or marketing agencies to reduce development costs by converting design into code. Its unique scaffolding technology reuses the knowledge embedded in the designs allowing Developers to go faster from design to code. It improves the way Developers create projects and considerably reduces development costs. Yotako also provides a cutting-edge synchronization technology that updates the code according to design modifications and vice versa.




Yotako is an online software that converts designs of mobile and web applications into ready to use customizable source code, keeping both designs and code synchronized.