COLLECTION VOITURES VINTAGE (C2V) is a company that invests in a selection of iconic cars in categories classic, vintage and young timers’, having marked their period. The company gives the opportunity for passionate collectors to create a unique collection and to manage a portfolio of cars having a good potential of value increase after complete retrofit, or simply as it is, maintaining and able to be driven on a daily basis. We look for the balance point between passion and financial investment.
C2V makes it happen, using advisors in the classic cars market, and a complete team of mechanics, to guarantee an unforgettable moment driving the car.




Fascinated by the classic cars, we remained of big children. Let’s dream! Riding a Jaguar for a weekend, the weekend after a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce, to participating in an expedition, a rally, or an elegance contest, C2V make it happen.